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Having trouble getting blog traffic?

Did you know that about 80% of websites get very few to no traffic at all?

So today I am going to show you how you could help your traffic increase traffic

  1. OnlyWire

    The first thing you want to think about is internet real-estate

    What is internet real-estate?

    Basically think of it like this…
    Every one knows about Walmart its every were right?

    How about Publix does that sound familiar to you? It would if you lived in the south

    Or Kroger maybe if you live in the west right?

    Well internet real-estate is kinda the same thing, see every one may know about Facebook but does that mean every one uses it? No ! So if your only marketing to facebook then your only going to get so far…

    There are a TON of social media sites and different people use different sites so you want to market on as MANY as you can and its called internet real-estate .

    So now that you understand you need internet real-estate how do you manage them all? I am sure you have heard that you need to focus on one thing at a time. That is true to degree but today things are so much easier then they were even a year ago! Now we have tools like onlywire to help us manage all of our social media at one time “automate”.

    OnlyWire lets you manage up to 50 social media sites at once! Create a blog post then write a one time media post and post it threw onlywire and it posts to all of your social media sites! Its really simple to use so go check it out!

    Now I agree that you should get on all the social media sites and interact with people and maybe take 30 mins a day to focus on one each week you do want a good follow like base on each of them that will help things out a lot. But onlywire sure saves you from having to load each site and create a post for each and every single one! That would take FOREVER! There are other automated services you can use though like instagress

    Also I like to manually log onto TSU and Twitter because you can only have something like 120 characters per post… Also I would not post to Facebook groups it will get you in trouble…

    You also need to make sure your niche is right on narrow it down , I have another post on this you can look it up.

    You want to think about if your posts have value to your niche and are your posts long enough? You have to create value and make sure you offer a long enough blog post.

    Promote Your Blog – It’s easy! Sign-up for Free and post to 45+ social media sites” target=”_blank”>Click Here to Learn More About OnlyWire

  2. TSU

    If you have not heard about TSU let me explain

    TSU is a social media site that actually pays you for liking sharing and commenting on posts! The pay out is not that great but it does work and I find that I get a good bit of traffic from it to my blog so even though the pay is not that great its directing traffic back here to my blog and its providing in other ways so TSU is well worth it to me!

    That link is here

    Click Here to Learn More About TSU

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