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I can get on stage and talk to an audience until the cows come home, but as soon as I get in front of a camera I turn into a complete numpty!

So today, I’m learning and teaching, here’s the best ones I’ve found.

  1. Easy light setup to improve your films

    This is a really good instruction video about lighting, it has some technical camera stuff in which the comments praise, but if you’re like me and don’t have sophisticated equipment, just the lighting instruction along is helpful.
  2. How to Make Great YouTube Videos!

    This one is great – it not only tells you what equipment you don’t need – i.e., it explains you probably already have most of the stuff you need, but it also gives practical advice on what to make videos about and how long they should be.
  3. How to Look Good on a Webcam

    Ok, so I’m a girl, I want to look good – actually this is very helpful and simple for everyone – no extra expensive equipment, just simple practical tips

    This one is just plain funny. It’s perhaps not relevant for affiliate marketing and I’m certainly not in the target market, but it kept me watching and made me laugh.
I would be interested in learning what tips other people have found useful and this is a really challenging area for me
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Emma spent 15 years trapped in the corporate career cage, financially successful, but highly stressed and miserable. It wasn't until she took action and leaped to freedom that she was able to break beyond the financial chains and explore her real potential as an entrepreneur. Emma now teaches others how escape the corporate merry-go-round and create the life they really want, working around life instead of living around work.

If you think you can't break free because you're trapped by your salary, think again. You just don't know how to do it yet.

If you're not building your own dream, you're building someone else's.

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