Funny feat. the Voice’s Gwen Sebastian

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This song was recorded at First Avenue Sound several years ago. The “Funny” thing about this song, is that I actually was supposed to have someone else who was a well-known songwriter sing background. The person didn’t show up so I needed someone last minute. J.D. called this girl who had done some previous work at the studio before last minute (the day of). And she graciously came in to throw down some background vocals.

Her name was Gwen Sebastian. She did an amazing job on this and a few other songs. A year or so later, she made an appearance on the show the Voice. That season she not only made Team Blake, but later toured with Blake Shelton.



What’s funny is that Gwen’s career has now taken off even more than that of the other songwriter who didn’t show up. The lesson I learned is that, what seemed like a disappointment ended up being a huge blessing. 

The song itself has a unique story how it came about as well. See, at the time I had not written a song for over a year. Sometimes as artists when we’re not writing, it’s because there are other things we need to fix in our lives. If things are not “lining up right” and my life is out of wack, I find it hard to write or create. 

During that season, I made a much needed escape from the pressures I was placing on my own self, by living in a town like Nashville. The stress, which can be self induced, of finding your way and making your mark in a city that is flooded with others trying to do the same thing you are can be overwhelming at times. I knew I needed a break. 

I moved to the small town of Kent, Ohio. As random as it sounds, looking back I don’t believe it was random at all. I truly believe that God guided me there as a time of healing. There He taught me a lot about what is really “important”, and within the first month of moving there I wrote the song, “Funny.”

Here’s the live version of Funny we did “Live at the Radio Cafe” in Nashville, TN. Both of course are available on itunes. Which version do you like better? Let me know in the comments section! :) 

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