Home Boxing Workout
2016 06 21 | BY Kimberlee Franklin
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Here are a few ideas for a quick home boxing workout with your friends.

Firstly the warm up consists of completing 50 uppercuts and then running 20-30 metres. Repeat this for 2-3 minutes gradually increasing the intensity of the boxing and/or running.


Each of the drills below run for a total of 3 minutes before swapping over with your partner.

For example:

1) a. 1 minute straight punches from your knees rather than standing. (Really focus on core activation with this one!)

b. 1 minute punching while holding a wall squat.

c. 1 minute jab, cross, squat jump. Boxer starts in a 1/2 squat position and completes a jab, cross combo before immediately jumping and landing back in a 1/2 squat ready to J,C again.


boxing workout image-300x225


2) a. 1 minute left hook, squat, right hook, squat

b. 1 minute consisting of 2 back knees and 3 small, quick shuffles forward/back with the feet.

c. 1 minute of jab, cross combo taking a slight step in towards the pad holder followed by 2 small bounces back to starting position. These movements are very small but think about staying light on your feet and really getting some power behind your punches. So step in and punch!


3) a. 1 minute left jab

b. 1 minute right cross

c. 1 minute left, right combo.


4) a. 1 minute of pistons

b. 1 minute hard running

c. 1 minute of pistons

NOTE: I personally prefer doing pistons with light hand weights rather than boxing as I’m not a fan of boxing impact overhead…. but each to their own… I know everyone has a favourite version of pistons!


I hope you can use some of these drills in your own home boxing workout routine :-) 

Comments always welcome!!

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