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Your Ideal Life

2013 03 05 | BY Kimberlee Franklin | 0 COMMENTS

What does your ideal life look like to you?  Is your ideal life just a wishy-washy dream or can you paint it in your mind with absolute clarity? I almost hate to admit it but it has literally taken years for me to be able to “see” it clearly and have certainty that it will all be […]


My Ironman Journey

2013 03 03 | BY Kimberlee Franklin | 0 COMMENTS

Ironman Journey We’re now 9 weeks away from Ironman Australia which is held in Port Macquarie, NSW. This will be my 5th ironman and I’m so excited. There are a bunch of people and friends of mine also doing the race and the atmosphere will be amazing:-) So what makes ironman and the whole journey […]


What does your future self look like?

2013 03 01 | BY Kimberlee Franklin | 0 COMMENTS

Your Future Self. Do you ever talk to yourself when you have a problem? Of course you do but I don’t just mean bitching and complaining or telling yourself off. I mean do you ever have deep and meaning constructive conversations with yourself? Perhaps you beat yourself up mentally or put yourself down – if this […]


Discipline – The Key To Success

2013 02 23 | BY Kimberlee Franklin | 0 COMMENTS

We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret – Jim Rohn I’m sure we can all relate to that quote at some stage in our lives! A sporting goal, studying, working towards a promotion, committing something to a loved one or a colleague. I am currently training […]


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