Myofascial Release Benefits Before Weight Training?
2016 03 04 | BY Kimberlee Franklin
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Earlier today a client asked “Are there any myofascial release benefits from foam rolling before weight training?”

My response was YES!


I think most of us love the feel of a foam roller (well, eventually….) and if you have time you can use it before and after a workout. This advice was from Dr. Mike Clark of the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

He advised that in order to prepare your body for exercise you should roll your calves, IT band, your periformis, your adductors and your mid to upper back.



Most people will roll back and forth constantly but Dr Clark advises to roll until you find the most tender spot and keep the roller on that spot for approx 60 seconds. Allowing this release to take place will help to relax the muscle which is an essential step for a good warm up. This should then be followed by some light stretching and dynamic exercises.

Muscles contain receptors called muscle spindles (which make the muscle contract) and golgi tendons (which make the muscle relax). If they are not in balance with each other your body is continually compensating for your problem areas.

Dr. Clark said “Stretching stimulates the muscle spindle and makes it more over active. Deep pressure stimulates the Golgi tendon which overrides the muscle spindle which then allows the tissue to relax which prepares it fro stretching.


So if you have ever thought… Should I use The Foam Roller Before Weight Training?…..

Try it, see how it makes you feel.



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