Creating the Confidence to Win

Dave Brehaut • 2016 02 03

As entrepreneurs it is pat of our job to keep our heads in the game 100% of the time.

While you can and should want to present your best and most positive outlook publicly, if you have any doubt in your mind about your abilities to create the success you are seeking or if you have doubts that your company or products, then those doubts will show through in your marketing and just about everything that you do to build your business.


Take time to decompress.

Dave Brehaut • 2016 01 29

I started this article out by telling you that I was having a hard time focusing on things and I told you the reasons why. I also told you that Vanessa and I decided to take this weekend to decompress. It was a great idea and I know that it has helped me.

The evidence was in our mastermind group. Several business people I know and myself mastermind every Sunday. The one we had tonight, while shorter than usual, seemed to be very powerful for us all. We were able to discuss several topics. We were also able to conclude that while the last several weeks were great we needed to realign the group and set up a new project.

Here are a few ways that you can decompress.

1. Take your spouse, family or frien


Gratitude Day 20

Dave Brehaut • 2016 01 28

As The Challenge winds down, write a thank you note to yourself. Thank yourself for taking the time to stop and
focus on all the little things for which you feel grateful.


Gratitude Day 19

Dave Brehaut • 2016 01 27

I kind of got distracted for the past few weeks with the tasks of buying a small farm in Winchester with Vanessa and all the headaches that go with a real estate purchase. We also worked on a training in our mastermind group that was a pretty good success as far as we all felt. […]


Gratitude Day 18

Dave Brehaut • 2015 12 20

The things that I can be grateful for this holiday season are many. Having Vanessa in my life is at the top of the list. She was a real big help these past couple weeks. She has had Mia, my Mama cat, at here house. Nine days ago Mia went in to get fixed and Vanessa kept an eye on her while she recovered from her operation. I kept Mario at my place so that she could heal. I don’t know how I would have done it without Vanessa’s help. She brought her to the vet and picked her up the next day. Gave her the pain meds 2x daily and made sure she was comfortable and taken care of.


Gratitude Day 16

Dave Brehaut • 2015 12 17

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to appreciate yourself. It is easy to say “aww, shucks. twern’t nuthin'” after doing something and a person thanks you or otherwise appreciates something you have done or said.

I used to be prone to saying that. I used to think it was humility and, in some ways or instances, it probably is, but I wonder if it could also stem fro


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