“Think like a [being] of action,act like a [being] of thought.”
— Henri Bergson

…so that we can get meaningful ‘stuff’ done!!

That is the purpose of this website–to help you achieve that for yourself!

I’m Brett Hoffstadt. Since capturing my life’s purpose into a simple phrase in college, I have been on a persistent mission to “create my own dreams, and make them come true.”

Might that be a good mission for your life too?

Over the years, for me, this has meant imagining, creating, and finishing a lot of exciting projects. Such as:

  • complex engineering projects on the V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft
  • composing, recording, and releasing my own album of original music
  • writing and publishing a book
  • innovation initiatives such as 3-d printing, innovation competitions, and innovation spaces
  • developing, launching, and maintaining several websites
  • obtaining a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification (yes, that’s a project in itself!)

hoffstadt-bvwt copy   HTB Rocket Scientist cover     P&R album cover
Hopefully that list isn’t intimidating to you. In fact, after obtaining my PMP certification, I realized that the one thing ALL of these accomplishments had in common was this:

They were all projects!

And looking back more on my life, I saw that I had actually gained a lot more “project management” experience from other events in my life. Things like:

  • arranging a wedding and reception
  • starting a family
  • selecting a college or university
  • home improvement projects
  • real estate (buying and selling houses, real estate investments)
  • family relocations / moving to a new city
  • planning elaborate vacations (ok, that’s actually my wife’s expertise)
  • nonprofit / charity volunteer events
  • organizing and hosting conferences / live events
  • learning a new instrument (I’ve played 7 so far)

Did you know that all of these major life goals and events are actually PROJECTS ?

If you are looking for information, opportunities, or growth in the area of project management, why not identify a project from your personal life that you can use to benefit from these skills, tools, and strategies? Plus, you will be able to connect these skills and experiences to your career goals in project management.

Wouldn’t that be a big win-win for you?

Forget the work-life balance paradigm and dilemma–we are looking for ways to achieve work-life blending. Why not learn project management skills and apply them in both your personal life AND career?

The great thing about this strategy is, this means you can start learning and applying these practices TODAY.

However–there is a catch.

You will probably need someone or something to help extract the best knowledge, tools, and tips from project management and translate them into a context that is understandable and applicable to your unique and personal life situation.

That is the goal of this website!

Sound good?

Maybe great?

Hopefully, PERFECT!

So let’s get started!

Which one of the big life milestones, events, or projects do you want to use as your first project to learn and achieve PROJECT MANAGEMENT SUCCESS? Let me know with a note by clicking here.

I look forward to hearing from you! If I don’t reply personally to you within 24 hours, send me a Twitter message @BrettRocketSci.

Not on Twitter yet? Make that your next project! ;-)

When you become confident, capable, and creative with project management, you can be successful at almost any project you choose.  (Or, you’ll know how to identify the risks and issues early on that indicate it isn’t possible, or isn’t worth doing.)

Achieve project management success, and you’ll be successful at the biggest, most important project of them all:


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