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Hello friends and readers.  It has been a fun and rewarding experience to share my best thoughts and resources on project management success with the world since it launched in October 2015. That was one year after I had obtained my project management professional (PMP) certification.  

It is now February 2017, and my career is entering a new phase and adventure.  It (and my life overall) will still use and benefit from project management skills, tools, and strategies.  It will be an intense and challenging period of learning new subjects. There will be many projects and people to manage, for sure.  But I won’t be a project manager per se; I will be an independent contractor in the financial and insurance industries.  You could say I will be a professional financial risk mitigator.

I also intend to continue building a successful community of drone pilots through my efforts with Drone Pilots Federation.  Our large and varied number of events, programs, and services provide a wealth of occasions to apply project management practices so we and our members can be safe and successful.

Self-management is an essential part of project management.  Therefore I need to descope many initiatives and projects in my life to ensure success going forward.  I want to practice good communication and stakeholder management by letting you know that this website is going to be idle until further notice.

My intent was actually to take the website offline.  But I checked the stats for the site and there are a respectable number of people coming into the site every day to read articles.  For the time being I will leave the site up while I either outsource the administration or take it offline later.

This is a good occasion to share the most popular posts. Here are the top 2.  All others are orders of magnitude less popular.

Most popular blog article on Project Management Success:

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Distant second place:

The 5 top project management podcasts for 2016


My sincere thanks for coming to this site to learn about project management.  I hope you gain some meaningful value from what you see here.  If you want to communicate with me further, please find and connect with me on LinkedIn.

Life is full of projects. 

The biggest, most important project is your life itself.

Best wishes for your project management success!

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Brett Hoffstadt is a Project Management Professional (PMP) with a love for doing projects that make a unique difference. One of those projects could be helping you achieve success with your project!

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