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Tomorrow is our annual Thanksgiving holiday here in the USA. For those of us who are intensely goal-oriented and mission-focused, we really benefit from a holiday that reminds us to give thanks to everyone and everything in our lives that makes this pursuing and achieving of goals possible.  And worthwhile.

I’ll admit I’m not a stellar example of giving thanks as much as I should or could.  But I’m still working on getting a little better every day.  And I want to make things a little better with this post.

When you move from an “individual contributor” role in an organization or team to a project manager role, something significant happens.  Your effectiveness and results depend on how well you work THROUGH others and WITH others more than how you do your own work.

Your success now depends on how well you work with, lead, and manage other people.  Managing does not mean dealing with direct reports.  It means managing up, across, and outside your organization.

Want a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to let other people on your team know that you appreciate them and value their unique contributions?

Thank them!

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Want a quick, easy, and free way to give them feedback for a job well done and delivered on time?

Give thanks for the effort and result!

Want a quick, easy, and free way to get a project team meeting off to a good start when everyone has something else they could be doing somewhere else?

Thank them for being there!

Now I want to thank each of you, my readers and subscribers, for being a special part of this blog.

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I truly appreciate the attention and interest you have in project management success.  Life is full of projects.  Learning how to be a successful project manager will help you have a more successful and rewarding life in many more ways than just your job and career.  I thank you for finding what I provide here worth your time and attention. 

Communication skills, stakeholder management, and quality management all benefit from the quick, easy, and free two words of “THANK YOU.”  Remember that every day during your projects, not only on the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanks again for being here to read this post! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate this American holiday.


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