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Glad you decided to check us out!

To give you a little background about this site, in May 2016 I transitioned my large H&B social network platform to this smaller Kalatu blog site & networking platform – a more intimate platform that gives me more control and greater site security – meaning I will never lose the content nor will I ever lose the site.  Describing it as an intimate platform may sound a little contradictory as we focus on global sharing & networking in pursuit of our best selves.  However, I believe you will understand exactly what I mean when I use the term “intimate” as you start to visit the site more frequently and start connecting with our global visitors & members through “Voice it” page and also through the “comment-threads” of the blogs & vlogs you choose to follow.

But enough about the site!

Who am I?  My name is Nelista Lord-Morgan “Lady Nel ™ ” the owner & creator of this site. My corporate background is primarily in Employer Group Health Insurance. My last position before leaving the corporate world was a Quality Performance Services Supervisor & Patient Advocate but that feels like a century ago.  Today my passion is the Internet – I use it for work, rest and play!  Rest?  Yes “rest,” you read right –  I’m embarrassed to say I have fallen asleep at my laptop on several occasions while building my skills as a HOMEPRENEUR.

Among my social avatars I have two favorites: “Acba Queen (formerly Caribbean Queen)” and “New Millennium Woman.”  The first name describes all that I am and the second describes all that I aspire to be.  ACBA is an acronym for Afro-Caribbean-British-American. I wanted to embrace the richness of my cultural background in one word. And the suffix, Queen, is how I believe all women should think of themselves, because not only should we want the best for ourselves but as Queens we should demand the best from others, namely our Kings (yes a dreamer – a typical Pisces).  To explain Acba a little further, I was born on the Caribbean island of Grenada (commonly referred to as the isle of spice); I left the island at the tender age of 6 to  join my parents in England; I lived in England until adulthood, leaving for the United States in 1991.  My original intention was to reside in Florida or California.  My supposedly short stay in Ohio ended up being a 4-year detour that eventually landed me in California (let’s just say it had something to do with the man I ended up marrying).  It wasn’t that I didn’t like Ohio or that I wanted to chase the heat; I just simply wanted to see sunshine to at least 70% of the year.  And in case you’re wondering….No, I don’t suffer from the “Seasonal Affective Disorder” (SAD).  If you have never heard of it, please look it up.   Like it or not, we live in a world that loves to categorize and compartmentalize absolutely everything!

The second name, the “New Millennium Woman” is a phrase I came up with around 2008 (I am not saying no one else used that term before 2008, I am simply saying that I had never heard the phrase before creating it).  After repeating it to myself a couple times I deciding that I liked it and immediately started using it to describes what I wanted a new millennium woman to represent: She’s a single woman who feels vital and complete without the need to be completed by another or a married woman who is able to balance her family life while maintaining a significant amount of her independence; a woman whose focus is on creating her own wealth rather than depending on others; a woman who is undeterred by fear, obstacles, skepticism or other people’s negativity; a woman who stays in pursuit of her passion, dreams and aspirations or who has achieved all those things and is now leading a purposeful life.  As a new millennium woman I continue to be ‘work in progress.’



What woman doesn’t have an interest in health and/or beauty.   I enjoy researching and experimenting with different products, regimens and treatments.  Some are over the counter brand name products but many are kitchen counter concoctions (from baking soda to garlic cloves).  Of course, I will share them all with you.  How times have changed for me; I once loved the world of glitz & glamor but as I got older I found myself becoming more and more interested in health & wellness.  Don’t worry, I am not going to strong-arm my visitors into living a  “totally clean life” – heck I am still trying to get rid of some of my own unhealthy habits.  Rest assured, I will be sharing good, valuable information so you can form your own opinions and make your own decisions.  And just for the record, I believe in INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE  “the best from east and west” (the best from land, sea and occasionally the chemical labs).

I hope you will bookmark this site and visit us regularly because I will be sharing mind-blowing information in some of my blogs, vlogs & infographics!

I would like to end this section by pointing out that I am not a medical professional nor am I able to verify the credentials of those visitors choosing to share information, suggestions or tips.  Please read the disclaimer below:

Do not try to self diagnose or self medicate when experiencing any kind of dire medical problem.  Instead, seek the help and advice of a health professional – one that you know to be open-minded and who is willing to form a partnership (not a dictatorship) with you.  Share any information contained on this site that you would like incorporated into your treatment plan.  Remember, everyone reacts differently to both natural remedies and conventional treatments!  Click here to read the FULL DISCLAIMER.


MY MISSION & VISION FOR “The Best You – Global”

My mission is simple but my vision is huge – I want to connect with woman (and men) across the globe.  The way to do this is by providing good health & beauty information first and foremost. However, I don’t want all the information to come from me, I want it to also come from our visitors, you!  There are enormous benefits to be gained from hearing the different global approaches to health & beauty issues. Example… I want you to be motivated & inspired with experiences shared; to be encouraged with medical breakthroughs presented; enlightened with some eye-opening natural remedies; be encouraged through the success stories shared by our visitors (health or beauty related)… the list goes on.  As I eluded to earlier, part of that vision includes encouraging as many countries as possible to contribute to my “Voice it” platform.  It may take several months for “The Best You – Global” to reach all corners of the world but I have faith that my vision will eventually come to fruition.

NOTE:  The common language of this site will be English but visitors are obviously free to use the Google translator to translate into their native language.

To your long life & ageless beauty,


Nelista Lord-Morgan (Lady Nel™)
Acba Queen
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