How to prevent stretch marks- Beauty tip from CHINA

Do you look for tips on how to prevent stretch marks? Or do you look for solution on how to get rid of them? Well, here is the trick: massage camellia oil into the concerned area of your skin two times a day (morning and evening); not only it will help get rid of or prevent the appearance of stretch marks, but also, it will nourish your skin and will help fight skin discoloration.


How to get beautiful skin – Beauty tip from JAPAN

Japanese women are famous for having that beautiful, flawless, porcelain skin. What are their beauty secrets? Well, first of all, they always treat their skin extremely gently – they never rub or tear it harshly. Second, they regularly drink Matcha green tea powder. What is Matcha green tea? Well, when it comes to acheving and maintaining vibrant health, Matcha green tea has no equals, it leaves all other teas behind; Matcha green tea powder is the antioxidants and minerals powerhouse, fat-burner, energy booster, cancer-fighter and your best friend, when it comes to anti-aging. This japanese green tea can help detoxify your body (which will make your skin, simply, perfect), lower blood sugar and cholesterol, and it can, merely, help you relax. Japanese women drink Matcha green tea on a regular basis and also, they make various skin care treatments with the use of Matcha green tea powder.