Oatmeal to heal sun burn – Beauty tip from BRAZIL

You may already know that oats are great for your skin.  It’s no wonder; if you’ve ever looked up the nutritional facts on the back of a box of oatmeal, you probably noticed it contains an abundance of minerals and vitamins that your body needs.  It turns out that the nutrition that is great for your body as a whole is great for your skin too.  Brazilians use oats to ease the pain of a sunburn and speed healing.  How do you do it?  Next time you get a bad sunburn, tie up some oats in gauze and then position it over the tap for your bathtub.  Turn it on and fill the tub, allowing the water to filter through the bag with the oats.  Soak in the bath and you’ll get fast relief from your sunburn.  Oats have amazing anti-inflammatory healing properties!


Avocado for Shiny hair – Beauty tip from COLOMBIA

Avocado is one of the top beauty secrets in Columbia and other Latin American countries.  It’s great for your face as well as your hair (we’ll talk about avocado facial masks in a bit, since they are also popular in the Philippines).  How do you use avocado to enhance your hair?  One of the best recipes is this:  Get an avocado, a banana, and a tablespoon of olive oil.  Mash them all together to make a uniform paste.  Take that paste and rub it into the roots of your hair.  Work it down to the tips.  Do something else for half an hour, and then get in the shower and shampoo, condition and rinse.  The results will astound you!