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My tip for today is “Oil Pulling.”

Oil pulling is a great way to maintain healthy gums, especially if you have been neglecting your teeth for a while, you have not been keeping dental appointments, you are currently without a dentist or are temporarily unable to afford a dentist.  However, the information contained in this blog is not intended to suggest you replace visits to a dentist with this regimen.  On the contrary, please keep those bi-yearly appointments with your chosen dental provider!

Some of the Main Benefits of Oil Pulling:

  • Corrects and maintains healthy gums
  • Pulls toxins out of your mouth
  • Helps eliminate bleeding
  • Whitens teeth

My oil of choice continues to be coconut oil.

I started doing oil pulling a few years back and then stopped because I wanted to experiment with the organic wheat grass gargle method for gum health.  If you want to try the organic wheat grass, I suggest buying the powder form that is marked “organic juicing wheat grass.”  Apparently the “juicing” form of wheat grass powder is more potent/more concentrated.  If you have trouble finding it the regular organic wheat grass will work fine (that’s what I used first introduced to it).

Needless to say, I’m now back with oil pulling and plan to continue doing it ad infinitum (for  I plan to resume the organic wheat grass swooshing – one method in the morning and the other at night.  I will may add a part 2 to this blog 6-12 months from now, just to give your feedback on my long-term progress.

In the meantime, here are some of the reasons why I have resumed my oil pulling regimen – watch the video.


Warning:  After swooshing never spit the oil into your sink or toilet.  I spit mine into a cup and then pour it into the soil.


If you are interested in alternating with the “Organic Wheat Grass rinse” (powder form), my recommendation would be to try them separately for a minimum of 30 days each before alternating them by using one method in the morning and the other at night.  This will give you a chance to see which one works best for you.

Here’s what you will need for the organic wheat grass rinse:

About 2 oz alkalized water (spring or distilled water will suffice)
1/4 tsp of wheat grass
gargle for about 5 mins before spitting it out


To your good health and beautiful smile!

Global love & peace,

Nelista Lord-Morgan
Creating “The Best You”


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